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Hundreds Arrested After Peaceful George Floyd Protests Spiral Into Chaos

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Hundreds of people have been arrested in New York City after peaceful protests spiraled into chaos.

Demonstrators clashed with officers and torched NYPD vehicles as they called for an end to police brutality after the death of George Floyd.

The NYPD says at least 345 people were arrested during Saturday night protests, with 47 NYPD vehicles damaged and 33 officers injured. None of the injuries are life threatening.

Protests took place across the city Saturday, including at Barclays Center for the third day in a row.

Once again, tensions mounted between demonstrators and the NYPD.

There was little peace to be found on the streets of Brooklyn, as protests once against descended into violence. Demonstrators chanted, smashed windshields to police cruisers, and even lit a NYPD car on fire.

The police responded with their batons and arrests.

PHOTOS: NYC Protests Over George Floyd's Death

"Your badge is not justice, you are here to protect the law," one protester said,.

As they have the last two days, protests in Brooklyn started off peacefully. Chopper 2 shows marchers making a statement as they walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Their Impassioned cries heard from an intersection on Parkside Avenue.

At the Barclays Center, protesters on loudspeakers called for police brutality to end.

"The law cannot be just for us, it has to be for everyone," one person said.

"We not only need to speak our truth but we need action so that's why I'm out here today," said another.

Protesters in Brooklyn weren't only angry and upset over the death of George Floyd, but also of the actions of the NYPD.

Confrontations between demonstrators and officers led to injuries on both sides Friday. Police were seen moving barricades earlier in the day to protect the 88th precinct in case protesters lay siege to it again.

But despite calls from the mayor and police commissioner for calm, anger mounted in crowds. Protesters broke the windows of several businesses on Flatbush Avenue as people from other businesses hurried up to board up theirs. One man sprayed profanity onto the side of the Apple store.

Before the night was over, tension continued to build. A police cruiser drove into protesters who were pelting and pushing barricades against the car. Several people were knocked to the ground.

The mayor responded to that video of the police cruiser. He defended the NYPD, saying protesters put the officers in a difficult situation by surrounding the vehicle.

The city is promising a review of how police have handled the protests so far.

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