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Residents Demand End To Constant Truck Traffic In Hempstead Neighborhood

LAWRENCE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Residents of a south shore Long Island community said big rigs are continuing to invade their neighborhood creating a danger.

They are challenging the state, town, and county to come up with an immediate solution.

CBS2's Jennifer McLogan returned to Lawrence Lane and Buena Vista Avenue to check on truck traffic. Despite promises from police and politicians there's still no relief in sight.

"No sleep, no sleep, we are frustrated because this is endless. Night and day, this traffic and nothings been done, because I'm talking to you again," Shana Sita said.

CBS2 first visited the Sita family in February. The new parents and their neighbors shared daily surveillance video of heavy trucks, ignoring the 'no short cut' signs, idling, and driving over property lines as they deliver to nearby malls and industrial centers.

"Ridiculous. These trucks, well they put my father in an early grave because he was constantly fighting it," Michael Spinelli said.

Hempstead town councilman Bruce Blakeman toured the site with CBS2. He has asked the state to build an access ramp during its rebuilding of route 878 so that trucks can avoid residential streets.

"That is not currently in the plans. We would like to see it included in the plans," he said.

Truckers said it's not that simple. They're allowed to make local deliveries.

"We try to be as quiet as we can, as truck drivers, but unfortunately some people don't like to hear the noise. At the end of the day everybody deserves their deliveries," Doug Foster said.

Blakeman insists there is a solution.

"Create a right of way or road through the property, which you see is not being used. We could get access for trucks right onto 878," Blakeman said.

Homeowners said they can't wait much longer.

"The danger too -- that corner -- forget it. When they go with the big truck trailers, the cars don't know where to go," Maria Artusa said.

"We can only do so much at the current time. We have put up signage, and asked police to step up enforcement," Hempstead town spokesman, Mike Deery said.

Residents said, re-open a closed road providing industrial access so they don't have to wait for the state ramp.

That local plan could be implemented between the town and county.

Members of the state DOT now plan to visit the Lawrence neighborhood on June 22 to listen to residents' gripes.

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