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What Parents Need To Know To Keep Kids Off The Dark Web

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The internet is huge, and while most kids use it to do homework, play video games or connect with friends, there's a place called the "Dark Web" that parents need to be concerned about.

Lisa Good, cyber security expert and co-author of the book "Are Your Kids Naked Online?," stopped by to talk about the dangers of the dark web and how to keep your kids safe.

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According to studies, 78% of teens say they clear their internet history so their parents can't see where they've been and 63% of teens say they can and do bypass software and hardware parents have installed.

Good says kids may go to the dark web to buy fake IDs to get into clubs or buy alcohol, to buy drugs like Molly and Adderall, and to hire hackers and hitmen.

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Here are Good's tips to protect your kids:

  • Trust your children, but verify what they tell you. This includes checking their phone and devices for dark web browsers.
  • Be on the look-out for packages delivered or empty boxes.
  • Use monitoring software and a business-grade firewall. Today's kids can bypass anything you buy off the shelf from stores like Best Buy or Office Depot.

For more tips, visit Good's website at

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