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Harlem Coffeehouse Makes Headlines For Dustup Over Pro-Gay Marriage Sign

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A Harlem coffeehouse has been making headlines in recent days, after its display in favor of same-sex marriage led one woman to make furious comments on social media.

The Chipped Cup, at 3610 Broadway, recently posted a sandwich board with a magenta equals sign – similar to the marriage equality symbol recently adopted by the Human Rights Commission gay rights group and many Facebook users across the country.

The sandwich board was placed outside as the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on cases the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, California's ban on same-sex marriage.

Soon after the sign was set up, one customer was quick to take issue.

"You just lost two local customers with your politicized sandwich board," the woman wrote on Facebook. "We were so happy when you joined the neighborhood and were faithful, but alienating the majority of the population is a really irritating and dumb move. We will encourage others not to patronize your business."

The Chipped Cup replied, "Thank goodness" to the woman's statement that she would not be coming to the coffeehouse anymore. To that, the woman replied, "GO F*** YOURSELF. You asked for it now. Get ready for some publicity."

The woman has also posted angry comments about the Chipped Cup on Twitter, writing that, "It's too bad @ChippedCupNY discriminates against 98% of their customer base being H8ful!"

She continued posting comments about the coffeehouse on Twitter for a day after the Thursday dustup, while some same-sex marriage supporters blasted her in their own tweets.

But a post on the Chipped Cup Facebook page thanking customers for their support in the wake of the woman's remarks drew 154 comments, most of them expressing support for the shop and for same-sex marriage.

"Two big thumbs up from way the heck out in Tucson, Arizona," one woman wrote. "This forty-something paramedic and mother of two wishes she could buy a cup of coffee there and tell you in person that I appreciate your sign and your stance!"

"Coming up for some coffee soon and telling my friends about how awesome The Chipped Cup is on a professional and HUMAN perspective," a man wrote. "Love always conquers hate and this story is the perfect example of that coming true."

Andrew Ding and Karen Cantor opened the Chipped Cup last year in the Hamilton Heights district of Harlem. The coffeehouse specializes in direct-trade coffee and tea, and features an outdoor patio.

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