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Gov. Dan Malloy Sides With Giants In Super Bowl, Pokes Fun At Boston Fans

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - When it comes to sports, Connecticut is in an interesting position.

With the Super Bowl coming up, you have to pick a side. Are you rooting for the New York Giants or the New England Patriots?

Well, Gov. Dan Malloy has chosen. He is rooting for the Giants, and spoke with WCBS 880's Pat Farnack about it on Monday.

LISTEN: Farnack and Malloy


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He said that, for the most part, the Giants/Pats dividing line is similar to that for the Yankees and Red Sox.

"You get above New Haven, and more people support the Boston-based teams than say below New Haven. I was born in Stamford. I'm a New York fan," he told Farnack. "By the way, I don't have this divide that a lot of New Yorkers do that you can only be a Jets fan or you can only be a Giants fan. I'm a New York."

Malloy spoke fondly of going to college with the Maras, the family that owns the Giants.

In pointing out his college years, he mentioned that he graduated from Boston College, where current Giants coach Tom Coughlin used to coach.

"Having said that, my wife is from Massachusetts. So, she's a BoSox fan and she's a Patriots fan. So, we are actually a divided household," he said.

Malloy said while New York fans are full of good nature, Boston fans are completely lacking in it.

He says this Super Bowl will be good for business in Connecticut.

"It's gonna be fun for everybody," he said.

Do you live in Connecticut? Where do you live and who do you support? Share your allegiance in the comments section below!

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