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Good Samaritan Struck By Car, Ticketed For Jaywalking

GREENWICH, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -- File this story under no good deed goes unpunished.

CBS 2's Lou Young got exclusive access to a Connecticut Good Samaritan, who ended up hurt physically and financially after trying to do the right thing.

Roger Bouzy has had better weeks. The bus driver is currently hospitalized and ticketed by police after stopping to help a fellow driver. He said he left his bus to lend a hand Tuesday evening and suddenly everything went black.

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"I stop and then turn around to go back to my bus and that's it. I don't know nothing. I never saw the car. Nothing' at all," Bouzy said.

His broken arm and ankle and various other injuries aside, police looked over the scene and saw that Bouzy had crossed the road in the middle of the block and wrote him a ticket for reckless use of the highway by a pedestrian. His wife is still shocked police delivered the summons to the emergency room.

Thanks God he's alive. I don't know why they give him a ticket. I don't think it's fair," Jeanne Bouzy said.

The ticket he got is what most New Yorker would know as jaywalking ticket. In other words police said he should've been using the crosswalk. He should've waited for the light during what he thought was an emergency.

"Although the actions of the bus driver were certainly admirable -- we understand why he would want to go over there and check on a fellow worker -- the circumstances are that he actually stepped into traffic in a place he really should not have been," Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray said.

Roger Bouzy's fellow bus drivers were really steamed over that.

"I'm not mad at the person that hit him. I'm mad at the Greenwich Police officers, because if he was in Stamford none of that would've happened. No, I don't think so and I don't think that's right," Veronica Shavers said.

Bouzy said he'll fight the $50 when he's well enough to walk.

The driver of the car that hit Bouzy was not cited in connection with the accident.

Think this Good Samaritan got the raw end of this deal? Tell us your thoughts below.

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