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Rep. George Santos says caller threatened to bash his husband's "brains out" and blow up office

George Santos says caller threatened his husband
George Santos says caller threatened his husband 01:39

NEW YORK -- Rep. George Santos said Capitol Police arrested a man who threatened to attack his husband with a baseball bat and "blow up" his office. 

Santos, appearing Sunday on "The Point with Marcia Kramer," was asked about good moments and bad moments since he took office four months ago amid revelations he lied about his resume during the campaign

"A moment of fear was when I received our really first, credible, risk assessment death threat. Got Capitol Police involved, we had NYPD involved, and the gentleman was arrested and arraigned," said Santos, who said he received a threatening voicemail in Washington.  

"The voicemail was explicit in detail of what was going to happen to myself, my husband... 'I'm gonna come take you and your husband,' in an F-word, derogatory term, 'I'm gonna bash his brains out, make you watch it, with a baseball bat. Then I'm gonna take it to yours, and I'm gonna blow up your office,'" said Santos. "That scared me. They were coming after my family now, and that was very strange."

Santos said the good moments are with his staff. 

"They're the best part of my life these days, aside from my family obviously," said Santos. 

Click here to watch the full interview with Santos.

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