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Rep. George Santos throws support behind former president Donald Trump in 2024 Republican presidential primary

Santos throws support behind Trump 2024: "Trump is great for this country"
Santos throws support behind Trump 2024: "Trump is great for this country" 04:26

NEW YORK -- Rep. George Santos says he will support former president Donald Trump in the next presidential primary.

In an interview on "The Point with Marcia Kramer," Santos said that while a lot of people are running, "We all know who's gonna win the primary. It's a waste of time and money. Republicans should just stop this."

The embattled congressman and vocal Trump supporter says he feels the former president's indictment is "just a procedural matter" and he doesn't think he'll be convinced.

"What Alvin Bragg did was a political stunt," Santos said.

When Kramer pointed out that the Manhattan criminal case is not the only criminal investigation Trump is facing, Santos said they were "predominantly led by people who ran on the guises of 'I will prosecute Trump.' These are campaign promises."

"There's concern, I'm not gonna lie to you, but I still support him until proven guilty, and I don't believe he's gonna be found guilty," Santos said.

"So if he was proven guilty, would that change your support?" Kramer asked.

"I mean, if the man's convicted, he can't even run for office," Santos said.

"That's not true," Kramer said.

"I mean, how could you? That's my question," Santos said.

"He says he's going to," Kramer said.

"OK," Santos said.

"So would you change your mind?" Kramer asked.

"I think Trump did great for this country. I think he was a great president ... I'm not shy about saying that I support him, and I think he will be the next president of the United States again," Santos said.

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