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LISTEN: Francesa Cautions Charles Oakley Against Overplaying His Hand

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Mike Francesa has some advice for Charles Oakley: Don't overplay your hand.

James Dolan and Madison Square Garden have lifted their ban on the Knicks great, but Oakley is demanding a public apology.

"Early on, when he was out of control, the Garden overplayed their hand and did some things that were overdone," Francesa said at the start of his Wednesday show. "That backfired on them and got them to go to a meeting they probably shouldn't have gone to and wind up in an agreement that, again, Oakley was able to wind up with the upper hand.

"For him to force the issue and make these demands -- get what you wanted in the first place. What is it you want? You want a meeting? You can probably get another meeting. Is it something you want? Some people think he wants a job. I don't know if he does or not. I have no idea. But whatever it is he wants, don't overplay it, because if you wind up overplaying your hand, you'll wind up losing the little bit of control that you do have right now.

"Right now, you do have a window of opportunity to get at least heard what your main issue really was in the first place. Go back to that."

To listen to the segment, click on the audio player below.

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