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Experts Say Spring Cleaning Is The Perfect Time To Cash-In On Your Gently Used Clothes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- It's time for spring cleaning, and if you plan on throwing out those old clothes in your closet, you might want to reconsider.

As CBS2's Ilana Gold explained, experts say you can use your old stuff to make some quick cash.

Lauren Solomon was using spring cleaning to say goodbye to clothes she'll never wear again.

"Someone else's trash is another person's treasure," she said.

Solomon is spring cleaning in Chelsea, and recycling for a profit.

She'll send everything to an online designer consignment store called Linda's Stuff.

"Boom, we sell their items, we photograph everything, we list the items on eBay," Linda Lightman, Linda's Stuff, explained.

Lightman helped Solomon price everything on Friday.

"You paid $39, you could sell it for $182. It's crazy right?" she said.

Solomon could make anywhere between 50 and 80 percent of the original cost for everything. That's nearly $3,000.

Experts say even if your clothes didn't cost much they're worth something. You can always sell them yourself on eBay, or through pages like Swap Meet SoMa on Facebook.

"You want to take good pictures. They want to see if there's a defect," Lightman said.

Lightman said the best sellers include gently used active wear from Lululemon, handbags, and accessories.

And spring cleaning isn't just for women. Slightly used men's items are just as popular with buyers.

"You have a boyfriend of a husband clean out his closet, help him make money," Lightman said.

Ties, belts, suits, and shoes are among the most popular men's items.

"Sell them, you might make money and surprise yourself," Lightman said.

It's something that Solomon might have to consider, because in her house the clothes need to get cleaned out, and she plans on cashing in.

Experts say you can make a good profit if the clothes still have tags on them.


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