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Delivery Driver Accused Of Dragging Woman In Hit-And-Run Changes Story About Deadly Incident

NORTH BABYLON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – More charges are possible against the Queens delivery driver who fatally struck a woman on Long Island.

He kept driving to his next delivery as she was lodged under his van.

Now – after confessing to the deadly crash - he's changing his story.

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A memorial calls for "Justice for Ann Marie" Christina at the corner where she was left for dead last week.

ann marie
Ann Marie Christina (left) was fatally struck and dragged by a delivery truck in North Babylon. (Credit: Eric Krems)

She was dragged for a quarter of a mile, lodged in the wheel well of a delivery van.

"She was a beautiful girl and she didn't deserve to go this way," family members shouted outside court.

Her family is now taking that quest for justice to court, where delivery driver Donnell Hicks made a startling claim.

He says he feel terrible remorse, but "it was nothing more than an accident," defense attorney Steven Gildin said.

"A crime was not committed, there are no witnesses to the incident and more facts will come to bear that there are other circumstances surrounding this incident. Another individual involved, a confrontation at the scene."

Hicks' attorney says there was an argument moments before he hit the pedestrians last week outside Autozone in North Babylon.

Onlookers watched in horror as he struck Christina and Eric Krems and continued driving with Christina wedged and screaming.

Prosecutors say on surveillance video, Hicks is seen swerving, fishtailing, until the victim became dislodged as he turned a corner.

He allegedly stopped, got back into his van, and continued to his next delivery.

District Attorney Tim Sini says he was taken aback by the defense's new claims.

"I think we are on two different planets, the defendant confessed to this crime. He said he saw the victim, 'she was face down, I don't think she was alive, I panicked and thought to myself I had to get to my next job,'" Sini reported.

Christina, 38, leaves behind two children, her mother, and siblings – who wept in court.

The district attorney emphasized the investigation is still very active, meaning upgraded charges are possible. For now, Hicks is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and faces two to seven years in prison.

When asked about any prior confrontation, the D.A. said there was no fight prior to the crash.

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