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Dogs' Fate Lies In Judge's Hands Following Alleged Attack On Pet Goats

NEW CITY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- A judge will decide the fate of two dogs involved in an attack that killed two beloved pets.

Marie Harrow, 83, did her best to save her pet goats when the dogs attacked on Tuesday morning.

The animals, Nigerian dwarf goats named Sunny and Puppy, where mauled by an unlikely duo-- a pair of Labrador retrievers named Pink and Ty.

The goat owner told CBS 2's Lou Young that Ty appeared to be the leader.

Dogs' Fate Lies In Judge's Hands Following Alleged Attack On Pet Goats

"The black dog was on top of my black goat. I tried to get him off, but I knew I was no match for him," Harrow said, "I saw the goat one more time. She looked at me as I walked out the gate."

Harrow believes the dogs have been here before. Two goats were killed last Thanksgiving. That's when she put up a higher fence.

She believes the dogs came up in steps, over the top of the chicken coop and down into the enclosure with the goats, but once inside could not get out. That is why they were still there when the police arrived.

"We are very fortunate Mrs. Harrow wasn't attacked trying to defend her pets. That easily could have happened," Officer Pat McCoy-Coleman, with the Clarkstown Animal Control, said.

The dogs' owners had recently moved to a new address and it's possible the animals were trying to get back to their old home when they found the goats.

Owner Jason Feldman said that his dogs have a sweet temperament and that his family was saddened by the situation.

"My wife and I and our three children are extremely saddened by this whole situation," Feldman said.

Harrow isn't so sure.

"I just don't want them to do anything to a child or anything. I just don't want them around in New City," she said.

CBS 2 was told that a judge will likely make one of three decisions: return the dogs to their owners, order them to be euthanized or allow them to be adopted out of the area as long as they are separated. Until then, the dogs will wait at a local animal shelter.

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