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Parents Say Lesson Forced Connecticut High School Students To Share Political Views In Front Of Class

DARIEN, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -- There's controversy at a Connecticut high school over a lesson about politics.

Parents in Darien are outraged after they say their children had to go in front of the class and choose answers based on their political views. They say some students were mocked.

The 11th grade lesson included a chart showing right- and left-leaning opinions.

"The kids were quizzed on which party they belong to and then asked to go to the front of the classroom and write their party on the board, at which point they were booed, depending upon which side they chose," one woman said.

"Feeling like they couldn't tell the truth. They were afraid of repercussions outside of the classroom," another woman said.

The superintendent says teachers are allowed to choose their own materials, but he's open to eliminating things that some find offensive.

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