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Connecticut Concerned About Summer Mosquito Season

HARTFORD, CT (WCBS 880) -- A weeks worth of rain on top of all the snow we saw this past winter are the ingredients for what will likely be a big mosquito population.

In Connecticut, state entomologist Dr. Theodore Andreadis says the onslaught will likely begin when temperatures heat up next week.

WCBS 880's Fran Schneidau reports: How To Keep The Bugs From Biting


"When we get those types of temperatures in upper 70s and mid-80s, especially during early evening hours, these mosquitoes will be aggressively biting," Andreadis explained.

Andreadis recalls last summer's June heat wave that saw the mosquito population surge. Many of those mosquitoes were carriers of the West Nile Virus.

Hi advise? Andreadis says, "If you're going out, bring a can of repellent."

One way to help yourself from mosquitoes is to follow the 5 D's of mosquito protection:

Dusk and Dawn
Avoid being outside at dusk and dawn. These are the prime times for mosquitoes.

Dress appropriately. Wear clothing that covers your skin.

Use repellents containing DEET. Products with 10% to 30% DEET are generally recommended for most situations and must be used properly.

Don't keep stagnant or standing water in your yard. It's a magnet and breeding ground for mosquitoes.

For the latest mosquito information in Connecticut, call 1-866-WNV-LINE (1-866-968-5463).

Are you worried about mosquitoes this summer? Let us know in our comments section.

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