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Citi Bikes, Docks To Stay In Place During Snowy Weather

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The New York City Department of Transportation has announced the winter weather plans for Citi Bikes and docking stations.

As WCBS 880's Marla Diamond reported, the docking stations are removed from the streets before the snowy season in cities with bikeshare programs like Minneapolis.

In New York, the DOT said the operators of the program, NYC Bike Share, plan to remove the bikes but not the stations when it snows.

Citi Bikes, Docks To Stay In Place During Snowy Weather

A spokesman said the stations pose no greater challenge to plowing than parked cars or planters.

But Uniformed Sanitationmen's Association president Harry Nespoli told Diamond he disagrees with the operator's assessment.

"Right outside my union hall, they put one of these bike racks which I think is a bad location because the street is so narrow. That's going to be a problem," said Nespoli. "Look, I'm not against the bikes I just think the placement of where they put them is some very poor judgment on certain streets."

NYC Bike Share said red snow flags will be placed to mark on street stations. Nespoli hopes plow operators see them.

"We're going to be tested tomorrow, should be interesting," he told Diamond.

As soon as the heavy snow hits, operators will remove thousands of bikes from docking stations in the street and place them in ones on sidewalks and plazas, the DOT announced.

Workers will hand shovel out bikes and stations socked by snow, according to the DOT.

NYC Bike Share is solely responsible for the stations and the bikes.

Stations will also be locked down until conditions improve, the DOT announced.

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