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CBSN New York & CBS2 Presents Candidate Conversations, Interviews With Leading Contenders In The Race For NYC Mayor

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- New York City voters are faced with the challenge of picking a new mayor to lead city's recovery from the pandemic.

And with the primary just six weeks away, we have a new feature -- conversations with the candidates to help you compare and contrast the big field.

As CBS2's political reporter Marcia Kramer explains, from ending gun violence to getting the city up and running, the next mayor of New York City will have their hands full. And with so many candidates to choose from, voters will have their hands full, too.

Kramer sat down with the leading candidates of both parties to discuss a host of issues that will help voters compare, contrast and decide. Each candidate was asked the same questions on important issues facing the next mayor.

She also tried to give the public some insight into the personalities as well.

"Name a unique skill or talent?" Kramer asked.

"I am a great dancer," said Eric Adams.

"I sometimes try and make my wife laugh with impressions of other people," said Andrew Yang.

"Well, sometimes I think I can paint," said Kathryn Garcia.

"Communication," said Fernando Mateo.

"Leadership," said Dianne Morales.

"Stick ball. Stick ball, that's my sport. Stick ball," said Curtis Sliwa.

"Critical thinking," said Maya Wiley.

"My jump shot," said Ray McGuire.

"I think my wife will say I'm a great dancer," said Shaun Donovan.

"Listening," said Scott Stringer.

You can listen and watch interviews with the 10 leading contenders in both parties on CBSN New York and or by CLICKING HERE.

Our goal is to give you, the voter, help in making a choice in one of the most important elections in decades.

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