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Seen At 11: Wrinkle Eraser Botox Being Used To Combat Excessive Sweating

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- As a proven wrinkle eraser, botox is a go-to treatment for many men and women, but there are other uses for the injectible.

As CBS2's Kristine Johnson explained, some are opting for shots to the scalp, and the people who get them say they save time and money.

"It's like getting a haircut or manicure or pedicure, it's general upkeep," Tess Doyle explained.

Doyle was referring to the regular botox injections that she gets.

"It stops the excessive sweating and that's what I was after," Doyle said.

Doyle has the botox injected into her scalp to stop sweating.

"My hair is dry, my makeup is on, and if you would have seen me before treatment you would think I just got out of the shower," she said.

Dr. Joseph Eviatar said he treats patients with a condition called hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating around the hairline and on the head.

"These people who are handicapped by it, these are people who really have changed their life around this condition," he explained.

Now, Doyle does her hair and makeup prior to working out and said she feels great and heads to work looking fresh.

For Cliff Julseth, it was about looking good and feeling better.

"I just had this confidence, I wasn't going to sweat, I wasn't going to have wrinkles," he said.

For Jordan Stewart it was all about the hair.

"I'm always needing to spend more money, more money to get blow out after blow out," she said.

Stewart went to Dr. Norman Rowe to treat the excessive sweating in her scalp. She said ti was leaving her with limp and consistently damp hair.

"What botox is going to do is going to diminish the sweating to your scalp to the point where it's gone or much, much, much less," Dr. Rowe explained.

Doctors said patients who opt for the treatment usually see results in about ten days.

"My scalp isn't sweating, my hairs lasting longer, and not getting as frizzy, so it's great," Stewart said.

Doctors said not all patients who opt for treatment are diagnosed with excessive sweating. Some are simply looking for the beauty shortcuts that scalp botox offers.

One treatment generally lasts about six to nine months.

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