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Boomer Miffed Over James Harrison Injury; Redskins' Chris Cooley Also In Crosshairs

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Despite a suffering a fractured rib and a punctured lung in Week 2, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is out there on the football field.

Sure, WFAN's Boomer Esiason has an issue with the current state of the NFL in regard to player safety. But when Redskins tight end Chris Cooley gloated over Romo's Week 4 choke job against the Lions, he brought out Boomer's bad side.

"It's amazing, AMAZING to watch him choke like that," Cooley told Washington's FAN Radio earlier this week. "It's hilarious to watch him throw pick sixes, too, back-to-back. I loved it. But it wouldn't be as good as my cage fight."

"The guy (Romo) now has played in three games in which he's had to take, I think, either six or seven numbing shots to go out there on the field," Boomer fired back Wednesday alongside morning show co-host Craig Carton. "Whether or not I think that's the correct thing to do, or whatever, notwithstanding.

"When you think about that for one moment, what he's done for his football team -- for a guy like Chris Cooley to mouth off like that, he's an idiot."

Listen: Boomer sounds off on Cooley, Steelers

The former NFL quarterback was also miffed over Pittsburgh's treatment of linebacker James Harrison.

Harrison needs surgery on a broken orbital bone near his right eye, the team said on Tuesday.

So what's the issue? It turns out he was injured in the third quarter against Houston -- and later returned to the game.

"Here we go, another problem," said Boomer. "What I think could be negligent behavior on the part of the doctors of the Pittsburgh Steelers. ... James Harrison went back into the game after that eye socket was broken. And you're gonna tell me that he was diagnosed correctly?"

After the Steelers announced he'd be out "for a number of weeks," Harrison tweeted: "I told y'all it's wasn't a concussion!! Lol I'll be ok in time."

"You have to protect the players from themselves," said Boomer. "Who the hell is watching out for James Harrison?"

Do you agree with Boomer? Be heard on Cooley, Harrison and player safety in the comments below...

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