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Best Halloween Costumes Of 2012

Sure, you can go to the costume store and drop nearly $100 for a costume that you will probably wear just once. As fun as costume shopping is, sometimes the price of a one-night-only outfit is a bit ridiculous. So here are a few hip and trendy costume ideas that you can make yourself. Don't go breaking the bank, just a few select costume pieces and a well-developed sense of humor is all you need to be the hit of the costume party this year.
Tanned Mom
Credit: CBS 2

What you need:
Bronzer. A lot of it.
Blonde wig

Remember her? The notorious "tanned mom" Patricia Krentcil made headlines around the country with her overly tanned skin and abysmal parenting skills. To get this look, coat yourself in some bronzer, add a short skirt and a blonde wig, and you've got yourself the "Tan Mom" look. For some extra points, include some tanning accessories like tan oil, those little eye-goggles, and a membership card to "At the Beach."

50 Shades of Grey
50 Shades of Grey
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

What you need:
For her: A bikini or full body stocking, a rope
For him: Suit, tie

Ok, this one is definitely for the grown-ups. There was just one book that hit the stands this year that had "Sexy Halloween Costume" written all over it. "50 Shades of Grey" is the perfect couples costume for those grown-up Halloween parties. Since you can't go nude, wear a bikini and let your "Mr. Grey" hold the rope.

Clint Eastwood and his Chair
Clint Eastwood and his Chair
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

What you need:
A dark suit
A messed up, grey wig
Folding chair

There are many political icons that will be making the rounds at Halloween parties this year. Why not make a statement and go as Clint Eastwood and his chair from the Republican National Convention? Simply wear your pants a bit too high and carry around a folding chair all night, you can make one out of cardboard if you don't want to lug around a real chair. Be sure to talk to your chair regularly, and ask people to address your chair as often as possible.

You Action Figure
Photo Credit:

What you need:
Large piece of cardboard
Rope or ties

Action figures are all over the place, so why not dress your child up as their own personal action figure? You and your kiddo will have a blast decorating the "box" that his or her own action figure will come in. Add captions like, "Real working arms!" or "Says 10 phrases!" to the box for some added fun. When the big day arrives, simply attach the package to your "action figure" with rope or ties and voila, your own personal action figure is ready.

Gangnam Style
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

What you Need:
Brightly colored tuxedo
Ipod with speakers
That weird horse-dance

It seems that the latest and greatest new dance move is Gangnam Style, so what better way to prove that you are the coolest parent out there, then to help your kid dress up as Psy, the Korean musician that brought Gangnam Style to the world. Simply get a brightly colored tuxedo (you can rent one in a pinch) and then download the K-pop single to your kid's i-Pod, plug in the speakers and let the horse-dancing commence!

Honey Boo Boo
Honey Boo Boo
Photo Credit: TLC

What you need:
A very frilly dress
Blonde wig

Like her or hate her, but Honey Boo Boo and her unique family have been all over the air-waves lately. Why not embrace the trend by letting your little girl dress as Honey Boo Boo herself. Besides, when else do you have the opportunity to dress your child for a beauty pageant? Make sure to add the blond ringlet curls for the complete look. Bonus points if your kiddo can walk around talking like her all night.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at
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