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B&C Morning Show: Drew Brees Sounds Off On Bounty Gate

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees joined WFAN's Craig Carton via the hotline Tuesday to talk about his whirlwind of an offseason.

Of course, the "Bounty Gate" stuff was at the forefront of the discussion. And Brees was more than willing to speak his mind on what he feels was a terrible job by the league with regard to how the investigation was handled. Brees said he felt that those in charge of running the investigation had a preconceived conclusion that the Saints were guilty, and distorted the truths of this case to fit their desired result.

He refers to the NFL's investigation and subsequent discipline as a "strategic media campaign" that left the Saints' organization operating from a position of "guilty until proven innocent," as opposed to the other way around. Brees really seemed ticked off that the league's rulings have not only hurt his team, but also the livelihoods of guys he played with and considers friends. He also makes sure to illustrate the difference between "pay-for-performance" and "pay-to-injure."

Craig wrapped up by asking how his contract negotiations have been going. Brees said they're closer to a deal now than they were a month ago, but there is still a lot of work to do. But given Drew's undying love for the city of New Orleans, it would be hard to picture him playing anywhere else.

Listen: Drew Brees Sounds Off On Bounty Gate

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