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Bayville Residents Fed Up With Noise Level At Waterfront Club

BAYVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- The warm summer nights are seeing diners and revelers flocking to waterfront venues, but on Long Island there's a call to curb the noise generated by one establishment.

It's a stunning setting: views of the Long Island Sound with spectacular sunsets, but folks who live in Bayville in the shadow of the Crescent Beach Club say it's a big headache, CBS 2's Carolyn Gusoff reported.

"We can still here the boom ditty boom ditty boom ditty boom," said resident Elna Kraupner.

"It keeps us up and it's very annoying," added Bob Kraupner.

"Who wants to listen to their music all night long. You should be entitled to listen to what you want to listen to," said another neighbor.

Neighbors fed up with the noise have recorded the glaring lights and pounding tunes. They say the 20-year-old beach club recently morphed into a night club that blasts music at all hours and days.

"Doesn't really sound fair for people who need to get to bed on a weekday, does it?" one resident can be heard saying over a recording of the club's blasting music from his home.

Neighbors say they want the music moved indoors.

"It used to be quiet and now it's just loud, all the parties are outside," said resident Donnie Wectawski.

Local complaints aside, the Crescent Club is growing in popularity under new management. You wouldn't think a waterfront venue would be a novelty on the island, but it's actually one of only a handful of Sound-view establishments in Nassau County, and local lawmakers don't want to lose it, Gusoff reported.

"It's one of the biggest taxpayers in the Village of Bayville. It employs a number of residents," said Bayville Village Trustee Joe Russo. "So we need to keep it and we need to make sure it's a well established business, but at the same time take into consideration the needs of residents."

Communities across Long Island are facing similar balancing acts: the desire to develop a waterfront alongside residents like Rishi Linley, whose two bedroom overlooks the club.

"I feel like I'm living next door to Madison Square Garden, but the Rolling Stones aren't playing here," he said.

The club's managers declined to comment, but Bayville lawmakers said they're working on a compromise to balance quality of life with night life.

Village officials told CBS 2 there is an ordinance prohibiting amplified outdoor music dating back to the 1990s, but it hasn't been enforced in more than 20 years.

A meeting with the club's owners is scheduled for later this month.

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