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3 Major Water Main Breaks Reported In Bayonne, NJ

BAYONNE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Three water pipes burst one after another in Bayonne, leaving many residents without clean drinking water Tuesday morning.

One break occurred around 11:30 p.m. Monday along 54th Street from Broadway to Avenue C.

That break triggered a chain reaction of further breaks: Another took place at the intersection of First Street and Kennedy Boulevard.

A third break was reported at Third Street and Avenue A.

"When they shut this water off, this is just a theory, when they shut the water it pressurizes the system everywhere else. Because you have all this volume water that's not flowing here is now flowing other places," said Bayonne OEM Coordinator Ed Ferrante.

"Between all three areas, we're probably looking at 36 and 50 homes without water," said Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis.

The Department of Public Works brought in water tankers to all three locations to supply residents with clean drinking water. SUEZ said many will be experiencing low water pressure. Dozens of residents were left dry, CBS2's Ali Bauman reported.

"It's a very hot day and we have to drink water," one resident told Bauman.

"I didn't even plan on going out today," said resident Caroline Noack. "But if they don't give water here, I'm going to have to hope they have water in some store."

As to the cause of the break, aging infrastructure and temperatures are being blamed.

"When the weather changes from hot to cold, or from cold to hot, the pipes underground, they sometimes expand," said Americo Inacio. "That's when it can happen."

Residents are being advised to run the water until it is clear.

Many streets in the area are closed off. Click here to check traffic.

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