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Long Island Woman Sentenced To 9 Months In Prison For Death Of Anti-Gang Activist Evelyn Rodriguez

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- The Long Island driver accused of running over and killing the mother of an MS-13 gang victim will spend nine months in jail.

Annmarie Drago was sentenced Thursday in a case that made national headlines, CBS2's Andrea Grymes reported.

"I'm just happy that there was just justice," said Kelsey Cuevas moments after learning the woman convicted of killing her mother, Evelyn Rodriguez, is heading behind bars.

Drago, 60, was sentenced for criminally negligent homicide after she was was caught on camera running over Rodriguez, 50, near a memorial for Rodriguez's other daughter, Kayla Cuevas, who was brutally murdered - allegedly by MS-13.

"I just wanted her to know that you caused more pain and suffering than what we were already going through," Cuevas added.

Cuevas addressed Drago during the sentencing, telling her, "You are a greedy murderer. Every single day, I cry myself to sleep."

Rodriguez received national attention, including from former President Donald Trump, for her anti-gang activism after Kayla's murder in Brentwood in 2016.

It came to a tragic end two years later when Drago destroyed a memorial to Kayla. Drago thought it might affect potential buyers of her mother's home on the same street.

"That was cruel. That was callous. That was heartless," the judge told her during sentencing. "These people suffered enough."

Rodriguez and her partner Freddy Cuevas got into a fight with Drago, who ended up running Rodriguez over.

"I take responsibility for the accident that occurred," said Drago in an apology to the family in court. "I am very, very sorry."

Drago's attorney argued she suffered from PTSD, had a panic attack and didn't see Rodriguez next to the car.

"Nothing intentional, nothing reckless," said defense attorney Stephen Kunken.

Kunken vowed to appeal, and hopes to get his client out on bail while that process plays out.

Rodriguez's daughter told Drago in court she hopes she sits in her cell and is haunted by what she did everyday.

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