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WATCH: Young Yankees Fans Celebrate Wildly After Aaron Judge Gives Them A Ball

Bryan Altman

Since the start of the April, another certainty in life has been added to death and taxes. That would be Yankees rookie Aaron Judge wowing fans with his impeccable play on a nightly basis while taking the league by storm in 2017.

Since he's joined the Yanks, Judge has put up laughably good numbers to join the likes of Yankees greats in the record books just 25 games into the season

So far this year Judge has belted 13 home runs -- the most of anyone in MLB, also an MLB rookie record through 25 games -- 27 RBIs, and has scored 28 runs while sporting an OPS of 1.251.

So, needless to say, Yankees fans are swooning over Judge, especially younger fans that now have a bona-fide superstar in the making to root for.

Two of those young fans became two of the happiest kids in the world on Wednesday night when Judge passed them a ball in between innings as he made his way into the outfield.

The two kids jumped for joy and hugged as if they'd won the World Series.

Quick side note: This video shows how truly massive Judge is. At 6' 7'' and doesn't even have to jump to pass the ball to the kids over the right field wall.

The best part about the Aaron Judge story thus far is that even though he's been incredible on the field, he's doing all the right things off of it and is getting noticed for it.

Even Yankees legend Derek Jeter has called himself "a fan" of Judge, which humbled the big right fielder as he grew up watching Jeter play.

Kudos to Judge for an incredible start to the year, and for making it easy to root for him with simple gestures like giving a ball to a couple of young fans and making their day.


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