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7/26 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Weather Headlines

By: Bree Guy

Weather Intern

We will finally get a little break from the rain later this evening.

This system has brought in quite a bit of moisture into the area over these past few days.

(Credit: CBS2)

We aren't quite done with the rain yet though.

A cold front is approaching from the west that will bring some heavy bands starting on Friday evening.

(Credit: CBS2)

It will start to clear out early Saturday morning for the most part with a few possible pop up showers early Saturday.

As for today though, there will be a longer lull that should be good for any evening plans.

Skies will start to clear slightly this evening, so there may be some peeks of sunlight before nighttime.

(Credit: CBS2)

Humidity will continue to rear its ugly head over the next few days, so that muggy feel is staying for a while.

Have a great day!

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