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7/24 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

By Giorgio Panetta

CBS2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer

The rain is here to stay and won't break for a while. The low pressure system to the south and the high pressure off-shore is churning up strong southerly winds. This is causing heavy bouts of moisture to be pumped into the area.
These are slow moving systems, which is why this pattern will continue on for the rest of the week. Humidity will also continue to rise so it's going to be a very sticky week as well. 
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Temperatures didn't drop much from yesterday. We started out the day in the mid 70s! They will rise by this afternoon to the low 80s.
Most of the heavy rain will come tomorrow but there may be a few isolated showers and thunderstorms. These will occur mostly north and west of the city.
Make sure to keep an umbrella handy this week!
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