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7/17 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

By Giorgio Panetta

CBS2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Things will be firing up today, as the cold front brings through a perfect line of storms. It will be a good thing to bring out the umbrella, in case you get caught in a down pour. The front will move through quickly though and we can get back to the fine and sunny week ahead!


The rain won't take away the heat today though! Temperatures didn't drop much last night and we started off the morning in the mid 70s! Temperatures will continue to rise to the high 80s today.


Humidity will stay high, so coupled with the showers and high temperatures it's going to be textbook definition muggy. The heat advisory wills stay in affect until this evening so make sure to also stay hydrated, as feel like temperatures will be in the 90s.

Try and stay dry out there today!

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