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'It's Another Level Of Storytelling & Excellence': Seth Doane, Wesley Lowery, Laurie Segall, Enrique Acevedo On CBS News/Quibi's '60 In 6'

(CBS Local)-- For over 50 years, "60 Minutes" has been the gold standard in newsmagazine television.

While "60 Minutes" is still a staple of CBS News' Sunday night lineup, the legacy of the brand was recently extended to the mobile-streaming platform Quibi in the form of a new venture called "60 in 6."

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Correspondents Seth Doane, Wesley Lowery, Laurie Segall and Enrique Acevedo create features, profiles and investigative reports in 6-10 minute clips that are only available on Quibi. While Doane has been with CBS for over a decade, working with the 60 Minutes crew has been a fascinating experience for him.

"Even after working for CBS for 12 or 13 years, it's still an adjustment to work with 60 Minutes," said Doane in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "It's another level of everything. It's another level of scrutiny, storytelling, excellence and technical prowess. It's unbelievable to walk in with a 60 Minutes crew. It's another world.


While Doane is a CBS veteran, the Pulitzer Prize winner Lowery is new to the ViacomCBS family. Lowery was at the Washington Post before CBS and he's excited to tell stories through television for the first time.

"So much of my work previously had been in a written space," said Lowery. "So, there was an adjustment already to doing some of this work on camera and everything that comes with that. Obviously working with the teams at 60 Minutes, these are the best newsmagazine and news documentary journalists in the country."

Meanwhile, Acevedo decided to join the "60 in 6" crew because he wanted to tell stories about every day people.

"I think transparency and accountability have become crucial," said Acevedo. "I've evolved too through the years and part of that evolution has to do with the fact that at first, I aspired to have the big interview with the big personalities and hoped that would mark my career. I started realizing that the biggest privilege and the real service we provide as journalists is not so much the access to public figures, but giving a voice to people who are not usually represented in our national conversation."

Rounding out the "60 in 6" crew is Segall, who comes to CBS News with a wealth of experience in the tech journalism space as a reporter for CNN. One of Segall's most recent features focuses on the future of sex in the age of COVID-19.

"I think in this format and at this time is such a fascinating moment," said Segall. "I've always been fascinated by the intersection of tech and humanity and now we're literally starving for humanity through the lens of technology. It's our lifeline right now and it's how we connect. We had a piece drop on what is safe sex in the era of COVID-19. I like to have conversations in a smart way."

Watch "60 in 6" on Quibi.

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