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2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Revealed

By Ryan Mayer

The time is here, ladies and gentlemen. That most wonderful three weeks of the year when we all sit back and enjoy the buzzer beaters, upsets, shining stars, and overall shining moments of the NCAA Tournament. The Selection Committee has deliberated, the conference tournaments have been won, and the bracket has been revealed to the world. Enjoy and start planning your perfect strategy for filling out that perfect bracket. 

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First Four 

South 11 seed: Vanderbilt vs Wichita State                      

West 16 seed: Holy Cross vs Southern     

East 11 seed: Michigan vs Tulsa                                       

East 16 seed: Florida Gulf Coast vs Fairleigh Dickinson


1 North Carolina vs 16 Florida Gulf Coast/Fairleigh Dickinson

8 USC vs 9 Providence

5 Indiana vs 12 Chattanooga 

4 Kentucky vs 13 Stony Brook

6 Notre Dame vs 11 Michigan/Tulsa

3 West Virginia vs 14 Stephen F Austin

7 Wisconsin vs 10 Pittsburgh

2 Xavier vs 15 Weber State


1 Oregon vs 16 Holy Cross vs Southern

8 St. Joe's vs 9 Cincinnati

5 Baylor vs 12 Yale

4 Duke vs 13 UNC Wilmington

6 Texas vs 11 Northern Iowa

3 Texas A&M vs 14 Green Bay

7 Oregon State vs 10 VCU

2 Oklahoma vs 15 Cal State Bakersfield


1 Kansas vs 16 Austin Peay

8 Colorado vs 9 UConn

5 Maryland vs 12 South Dakota State

4 California vs 13 Hawaii

6 Arizona vs 11 Vanderbilt/Wichita State

3 Miami (FL) vs 14 Buffalo

7 Iowa vs 10 Temple

2 Villanova vs 15 UNC Asheville


1 Virginia vs 16 Hampton

8 Texas Tech vs 9 Butler

5 Purdue vs 12 Little Rock

4 Iowa State vs 13 Iona

6 Seton Hall vs 11 Gonzaga

3 Utah vs 14 Fresno State

7 Dayton vs 10 Syracuse

2 Michigan State vs 15 Middle Tennessee


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