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This Sunday before Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season for us here at “Sunday Morning,” and each year we celebrate our nation’s bounty and culinary delights with our special “Food Issue.” 

Here’s a brief look at what’s on this year’s menu, along with links and recipes:

RECIPE INDEX: Check out recipes, cooking tips and menu suggestions from top chefs, cookbook authors, and the editors of Food & Wine magazine.

THANKS: Table settings for the 2016 Food Issue courtesy of Villeroy and Boch USA, of Monroe Township, N.J.

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Jane Pauley on the set of “Sunday Morning.” CBS News

Trading a grocery store trip for home delivery | Watch Video
Online grocery sales have increased 15% since 2015, while meal kits mailed to your home are taking off. Anna Werner reports.

For more info:

Curating a museum’s menu | Watch Video
Visitors who feast their eyes at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art can also feast on reproductions of classic dishes by the world’s greatest chefs. John Blackstone reports.

For more info:

Turmeric, the spice of life | Watch Video
One of the most talked-about superfoods is being tested for medicinal use against a variety of diseases, from Alzheimer’s and diabetes to cancer. Lee Cowan reports.

For more info:

Eggs | Watch Video
Some foods which we were told were bad for us, turns out, are actually GOOD for us. Serena Altschul checks out a few.

For more info:

Chef Rene Redzepi and the transformation of Noma | Watch Video
His Copenhagen restaurant has been consistently named the world’s best -- and now he’s shutting it down, with a new plan in mind. Faith Salie reports.

For more info:

The Cheese Nun | Watch Video
Mother Noella, of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, practices the sacred art of cheesemaking.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Mother Noella on the science and spirituality of cheesemaking (Video)
In this web exclusive, Mother Noella, a Benedictin Nun of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, talks with correspondent Mo Rocca about enzymes - the catalyst in the traditional cheesemaking process - and how they relate to the spiritual. You can, she says, find the universe in a microbe.

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 10 restaurants that changed America | Watch Video
Delmonico’s, which invented the fine dining experience in 1837, is just one of the restaurants that shaped how Americans eat. Jim Axelrod reports.

For more info:

Some like it hot: Hot chicken, a fiery Nashville tradition born from the wrath of a wronged woman. CBS News

TRENDS: Hot chicken: Nashville’s local indelicacy | Watch Video
Fried chicken doused in cayenne and enough spices to make you sweat is an addictive combination of pleasure and pain. Jan Crawford reports.

For more info:

Potatoes | Watch Video
Spuds are the star of the new restaurant franchise, Potatopia. Serena Altschul reports.

For more info:

The sparkling Christie Brinkley | Watch Video
The supermodel and actress has launched her own line of sparking wines. Mark Phillips reports.

For more info:

How one restaurant nourishes the soul | Watch Video
Staplehouse, in a converted warehouse in Atlanta, devotes 100% of its profits to The Giving Kitchen, which benefits restaurant workers in need. Tracy Smith reports.

For more info:

“The Jemima Code”: A history of African-American cooking | Watch Video
In “The Jemima Code,” author Toni Tipton-Martin explores a commercial stereotype, and highlights the stories and recipes of African-Americans’ contributions to the American table. Michelle Miller reports.

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Southern chef’s legacy
In this web exclusive, chef Chris Williams talks with Michelle Miller about the legacy of his great-grandmother, the African American chef, cookbook author and entrepreneur Lucille Bishop Smith. The restaurant Lucille’s, a Houston institution, carries on her traditions.

For more info:

Butter | Watch Video
After decades of health concerns, consumption of the rich, creamy butter is spreading to a 40-year high. Serena Altschul reports.

For more info:

Smith Island, off the coast of Maryland, is the source of a multi-layered cake with a delicious word-of-mouth reputation. CBS News

DESSERT: Cakes from a dessert island | Watch Video
Smith Island, off the coast of Maryland, is the source of a multi-layered cake with a delicious word-of-mouth reputation. Rita Braver reports.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: “The Twentieth Century”: The Sailing Oystermen (Video)
Walter Cronkite hosts this documentary that examines a disappearing way of life for Chesapeake Bay skipjack sailors, dredging for oysters under restrictions aimed at preserving a dwindling supply. The film also captures life on Smith Island. Originally broadcast February 7, 1965.

For more info:

 Turkeys (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning before Thanksgiving among the wild turkeys at the Allegheny National Forest near Foster Brook, Pennsylvania. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.


MOVIES: Meet the magical cast of “Fantastic Beasts” (Video)
“CBS Sunday Morning” producer Sara Kugel talks to the cast of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” and finds more magic behind the scenes of the new film based in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe.

NATURE UP CLOSE:  Elk and wild turkeys at Great Smoky National Park

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