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Facebook Live with David Allen Sibley!

Rita Braver will be chatting with author and illustrator of birds David Allen Sibley on Facebook Live at 11AM EST - 8AM PST - after the show. Post your questions below!

Posted by CBS Sunday Morning on Sunday, August 2, 2020

FACEBOOK LIVE CHAT: Bird illustrator David Allen Sibley
Watch an archive video of correspondent Rita Braver's chat with author and illustrator David Allen Sibley. 


  CBS News

COVER STORY: The great broadband divide | Watch Video
High-speed Internet access has been the foundation of work, school, commerce, church services, and even doctor's visits during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is great … IF you have high-speed Internet. Yet, about half of Americans do not. David Pogue reports on the broadband divide in our country, where for many high-speed internet is either unavailable or unaffordable.

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In addition to "The Sibley Guide to Birds," David Sibley has produced a variety of regional field guides and books on bird behavior and tips for birdwatchers.. CBS News

ART: For the birds: Illustrator David Allen Sibley | Watch Video
David Sibley has been called the most important illustrator of birds since John James Audubon or Roger Torey Petersen, and his "Sibley Guides to Birds" have sold more than two million copies. Rita Braver finds out how the bird fancier became one of the most respected and successful chroniclers of avian life. (Originally broadcast November 17, 2019.)

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: David Sibley: Growing up as a birder
Illustrator David Sibley, famed for the bestselling "Sibley Guide to Birds," talks with correspondent Rita Braver about his youthful interest in bird-watching, and how being the son of a noted ornithologist, Yale professor Fred Sibley, led to his career.

BOOK EXCERPT: David Allen Sibley's "What It's Like to Be a Bird"
The illustrator's latest book delves into the lives of birds and answers frequently-asked questions, such as, "Can birds smell?"

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 Economic news
The U.S. economy had its worst quarter ever from April-June of this year, with a 32.9% annual rate of decline. That's the largest drop in modern American history.
The Department of Commerce reported consumer spending was up 5.6% in June. But analysts say the recovery is slowing due to uncertainty over government benefits and rising COVID infections.

Actress Linda Lavin. CBS News

MUSIC: Linda Lavin: "I've worked more in these 2½ months than I have in 2½ years" | Watch Video
Actress and singer Linda Lavin says that, since the pandemic began, she has been busier than ever – from releasing a new album to performing weekly online concerts and starring in a series of comedic YouTube videos. The star of the classic sitcom "Alice" tells correspondent Mo Rocca that much of her success involves the fact that she has always advocated for herself.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Linda Lavin on her character "Alice" as a model mom
Actress Linda Lavin, who starred as a single mother working as a waitress in the TV sitcom "Alice" (1976-1985), talked with correspondent Mo Rocca about how her character was viewed as a role model for working moms, and how she became politicized to talk about the difficulties facing working women.

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A vanilla orchid. CBS News

POSTCARD FROM MADAGASCAR: The flavorful story of vanilla | Watch Video
With so many of us staying at home these days and spending more time in the kitchen, vanilla sales, of all things, are booming. Correspondent Seth Doane travels to the island of Madagascar – which supplies 80% of the world's vanilla – to learn more about the extraordinarily colorful (and sometimes unsavory) story of a familiar spice, and why this valuable cash crop can be worth more by weight than silver.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Vanilla, the spice of life
Correspondent Seth Doane learns about processing vanilla beans at the Madagascar Spices Company in Ampandrozonana. He also talks with Josephine Lochhead, president of Cook Flavoring Company, about her personal fascination with the aroma of this popular spice.

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PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers some of the notable figures who left us this week, including "Alley Cat" composer Bent Fabric; William English, who developed the computer mouse; actress Olivia de Havilland ("Gone With the Wind," "The Heiress"); businessman and onetime GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain; and Sir Alan Parker, director of such films as "Midnight Express" and "Fame."

The medical value of hugs | Watch Video
In the time of social distancing because of COVID, we are missing out on one of the most important facets of human interaction: hugging. Contributor Luke Burbank talks with experts about how the physical act of giving and getting a hug can boost our oxytocin hormone levels, and how we can still get a good hug when we really need one.

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Singer Tanya Tucker. CBS News

MUSIC: Tanya Tucker, still out to change the world | Watch Video
Since the ripe old age of 13, Tanya Tucker has had nearly two dozen Top-40 albums. And after more than 50 years on stage, her latest album, "While I'm Livin'," has gotten the best reviews of her career (and won two Grammy Awards earlier this year). CBS News' Bob Schieffer sits down with the singer who was once country music's wild child, and whose voice has never had more to offer than it does today. (Originally broadcast January 5, 2020.)

You can stream Tanya Tucker's "While I'm Livin'" by clicking on the embed below (Free Spotify registration required to hear the tracks in full):

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Correspondent Lee Cowan with CBS' George Schweitzer. CBS News

TELEVISION: The eyes have it: Celebrating a career celebrating CBS | Watch Video
George Schweitzer, the chairman of marketing at CBS and a passionate chronicler of the network's history, has spent decades promoting a network that has been an integral part of his family. He gave correspondent Lee Cowan a tour of his memorabilia-filled office, and talked lore about CBS's storied history, from Captain Kangaroo to David Letterman.

 Jim Gaffigan on living in a time warp | Watch Video
The calendar may say it's August, but the comedian isn't buying it, 'cause he's still trapped in a routine of doing the same things he did months ago.

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 Reviews of new titles by Ron Charles of the Washington Post | Watch Video

Book excerpt: "Utopia Avenue" by David Mitchell
The bestselling author of "Cloud Atlas" returns with a freewheeling novel about the emergence of a British band in the 1960s.

Book excerpt: "Make Russia Great Again" by Christopher Buckley
The bestselling author of "Thank You for Smoking" returns with a satire of the Trump administration "meddling" in the Russian election.

Book excerpt: "Begin Again," on James Baldwin's America
Eddie S. Glaude Jr.'s bestseller – part biography, part memoir – examines the writer's trenchant and undespairing voice for the civil rights movement against our nation's current self-examination of race.

Book excerpt: "Hamnet," a child of Shakespeare
Maggie O'Farrell's literary novel explores the effect on the Bard, and his marriage, of the loss of his young son.

A summer day

CBS News

Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to Cades Cove, on the Tennessee side of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Videographer: Scot Miller. 

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"Sunday Morning" Matinee: On-Site Opera 01:29

Since 2012, the New York City-based On-Site Opera has presented immersive operatic experiences in site-specific settings, from the Bronx Zoo to Harlem's Cotton Club. The act of taking opera to new places has been affected by the pandemic, so they are now bringing opera to YOU, in special telephone concerts. In this rehearsal performance recorded especially for "CBS Sunday Morning," soprano Jennifer Zetlan and pianist David Shimoni perform Beethoven's "Auf dem Hügel sitz ich spähend." For more info visit

"The Virus In the Age of Madness" by Bernard-Henri Lévy
With the pandemic, writes the French author and philosopher, America has experienced its "viral Pearl Harbor."


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