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Understanding the record jobless numbers | Watch Video
CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger on this week's 6.6 million new jobless figures.

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CBS News

COVER STORY: With more working from home, our Internet undergoes a stress test | Watch Video
With so many people working from home nowadays, there has been a dramatic rise – as much as 50% – in internet traffic on residential networks that weren't built for data-heavy two-way video conferencing. Will the internet be able to handle it all? David Pogue reports.

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Vegetables for a 2020 "victory garden." CBS News

HOME:  "Victory Gardens" for the war against COVID-19 | Watch Video
With spring in the air, people are looking to plant gardens. But the coronavirus pandemic and the challenging times facing those in lockdown have brought to mind among some green thumbs the victory gardens of World War II. Tracy Smith reports on how nurseries this time of year are selling out, not of flower bulbs, but of vegetables, and how online tutorials about growing your own food are sprouting up everywhere.

GALLERY: Propaganda art for WWII Victory Gardens

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Teletherapy: Connecting therapists and clients during a time of separation | Watch Video
The coronavirus pandemic has meant that Mosaic, a Bronx, N.Y. non-profit mental health center, had no choice but to close its doors to in-person visits. To address the needs of its patients, Mosaic's staff of counselors and therapists took drastic measures, switching all mental health counseling to teletherapy – therapeutic sessions conducted over the phone. Susan Spencer reports on the altered dynamics of teletherapy, and how patients whose feelings of helplessness and anxiety are being compounded by a catastrophically anxious time are getting help.

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  Remembering the great toilet paper shortage of 1973 | Watch Video
In the early 1970s Americans had experienced gasoline shortages owing to the OPEC oil embargo. So, when Johnny Carson made a joke about a shortage of toilet paper on "The Tonight Show," rolls of toilet paper began disappearing off store shelves, as nervous consumers hoarded the precious commodity, thereby creating a genuine shortage. Mo Rocca explores the real-world implications of a joke.

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COVID-19 intensive care unit at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan
Members of the medical staff in protective suits treat a patient suffering from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in an intensive care unit at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, Italy, March 27, 2020. FLAVIO LO SCALZO/REUTERS

POSTCARD FROM ITALY: What lessons can Italy teach the U.S. about the coronavirus? | Watch Video
Italian doctors who fought the pandemic of COVID-19 and have seen its devastating toll talk with Seth Doane about the imperative for Americans to prepare, and how time wasted has left countries scrambling to respond.

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Philip Galanes, who pens the "Social Q's" column for The New York Times.  CBS News

JOURNALISM: Social Q's for the Age of Coronavirus | Watch Video
New York Times columnist Philip Galanes discusses social dilemmas for those wrestling with the new kinds of conflicts created by the pandemic, and why he's an optimist about the current crisis. Erin Moriarty reports.

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  Jim Gaffigan: Spring arrives for those in lockdown | Watch Video
The new season is a time for renewal. Flowers are blooming! Birds are tweeting! And Jim Gaffigan remains in quarantine in his apartment with his wife and five children.

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Comedian and filmmaker Mel Brooks, coming to you via cyberchat.  CBS News

HUMOR: Advice for the "Next-Greatest Generation" | Watch Video
For millions of Americans, these are challenging times. For some insight into resilience from a generation that survived a depression and world war, Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz turned to funnymen Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. Via cyberchat, the two comedy writers, who first met in the 1950s ("Call it laugh at first sight"), talk about enduring World War II and coming out on top. Mankiewicz also talks with "Star Trek" actor and activist George Takei (who as a child was detained in a Japanese-American internment camp in the 1940s) about what Americans look for when facing an uncertain future. Mankiewicz also talks with Brooks' son, Max Brooks, about what the act of social distancing means to his father, and all of us.  

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One lucky Portlander can now play an arcade game in their very own home. CBS News

GAMES: For one Portland arcade, it's not "game over" | Watch Video
Just last month, Logan Bowden was celebrating the resurgence of pinball; his Portland, Ore., company, Quarterworld, which features scores of classic pinball and arcade games, was a success – until the coronavirus pandemic made pinball parlors a no-go. But Quarterworld earned a bonus round, by offering shut-in Portlanders eager to play the opportunity to rent Bowden's games for their very own home. Luke Burbank reports.

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Bestselling author Celeste Ng. CBS News

"Little Fires Everywhere" author Celeste Ng | Watch Video
For her second mega-bestselling novel, "Little Fires Everywhere" (which is now a Hulu miniseries), writer Celeste Ng was inspired by the Cleveland, Ohio suburb where she grew up as the daughter of Hong Kong immigrants. In February she returned to Shaker Heights with correspondent Martha Teichner, to talk about her childhood in a progressive and diverse community, and her stories of class and racial divides.

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IN MEMORIAM:  Some ... of many: Those we've lost to coronavirus | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" remembers victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The Marsalis jazz family (VIDEO)
In this report originally broadcast on "Sunday Morning" January 30, 1983, Dr. Billy Taylor reported on a virtuoso "boy wonder" of jazz, 21-year-old trumpet player Wynton Marsalis, whose promising future was already taking off. Taylor also talked with New Orleans jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis, the patriarch of a family of talented musicians, who collaborated with his sons, Wynton and Branford, on a 1982 album titled "Fathers and Sons." (Ellis Marsalis died on April 1, 2020.)

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The Marsalis family's musical legacy (VIDEO)
In this "Sunday Morning" feature which originally aired on May 2, 2004, Ellis Marsalis talked about the musical traditions and love for jazz that he passed down to sons Wynton, Jason, Delfeayo and Branford Marsalis, musicians all.


NATURE: Snow geese at the Finger Lakes (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us near Savannah, New York, in the Finger Lakes ... a favorite spot for migrating snow geese. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.


Pins for fans of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Etsy

ESSAY: A grateful nation thanks Dr. Anthony Fauci | Watch Video
The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has become the face of the nation's pandemic response. Lee Cowan talks about the most-trusted voice in the administration's efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus, and about how Dr. Anthony Fauci's many supporters are making their gratitude for his work known.

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