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This Morning from CBS News, Oct. 17, 2014

Ebola nurse speaks

CBS News correspondent Anna Werner gets a look an emotional video made by nurse Nina Pham just before she was transferred to a CDC facility from the Texas hospital where she worked and was infected with Ebola. To limit further spread of the deadly virus, Texas officials have asked the remaining 75 healthcare workers to sign legal documents agreeing not to go to any public places or use mass transit.

Lack of confidence

Americans' faith in the CDC, the agency charged with protecting the homeland from the rapidly escalating Ebola outbreak in West Africa -- which has already crept onto U.S. soil -- has dropped sharply since the crisis emerged, according to a CBS News Poll.

Ebola: Policy vs Politics

No sooner had the president listed all the scientific reasons not to impose a travel ban, he appeared to undercut the argument and opened the door to imposing one later.

Walker conservatism

He enacted income tax reductions and oversaw property tax reductions. He signed a controversial law requiring women to get an ultrasound before getting an abortion, and he enacted a controversial voter ID law now tied up in court.Now, Wisconsin voters must decide whether they're up for four more years of the Walker agenda.

ISIS warplanes?

A new report from says the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants are taking to the sky. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a U.K.-based organization which relies on an extensive network of sources and activists inside Syria, claims defected Iraqi military officers are teaching members of the terror group how to fly three commandeered fighter jets.

Face to face: Rwandan militants

Top-ranking Rwandan rebel commander, facing the threat of UN military force as soon as next week, talks to CBS News in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nepal rescue

The search for missing hikers in Nepal picked up this morning. They were stranded by a string of deadly blizzards and avalanches earlier this week. CBS News Correspondent Seth Doane reports at least 29 were killed.

Hallucinogenic help

Dr. Stephen Ross, director of the NYU Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship is gearing up to embark on a new research project to help treat alcholism. He wants to treat a person's alcoholism with an illegal controlled substance -- a hallucinogen.

Cross-fit recovery

He suffered traumatic brain injury, shattered every bone in his face, almost lost both legs, lost his left arm, sight in one eye and most of his hearing. Ferriera was sewn back together 500 stitches, 75 staples and more than 40 surgeries.Now, he is a CrossFit coach in Seekonk, MA.

Apple treat?

The latest operating system from Apple and competing software from Google, allow people to permanently lock their smartphones. Only the user knows the security code. Apple and Google say they can't break that code. CBS News Correspondent Bob Orr reports, neither can police, even with a court order. FBI Director James Comey warned yesterday this could allow criminals and terrorists to permanently hide their files.

Lotto fever

Americans will soon have a new lottery game to place bets on. For the first time in more than 12 years, lottery officials in the U.S. are launching a new national multi-state game with a top prize between $15-25 million dollars. But CBS News Correspondent Vladimir Duthiers reports, when it comes to lotteries, it may not all be fun and games.

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