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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 15, 2015

In Syria

A small contingent of U.S. Special Operations forces are now working alongside allied local groups inside Syria to "tighten the squeeze" on ISIS. We meet one of the local commanders getting American help, and ask him if it's enough to beat the extremists.

Trump vs. Cruz

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have come a long way since they campaigned together against the nuclear deal a few months ago. That was before Cruz started polling so well in Iowa. Now Trump is sniping at Cruz, and he and his campaign may very well have good reason to worry about the senator from Texas.

Clinton's plan

Hillary Clinton will outline her strategy to prevent and counter the threat of homegrown terrorism in a speech in Minneapolis today, expanding on remarks she made last month in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Social monitoring

The San Bernardino massacre has prompted new questions about what the government and tech companies should be doing to identify potential threats through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Experts say policing social media poses enormous legal, technical, and ethical challenges.

Church and guns

From Paris to San Bernardino, mass shootings are stoking public fears. But in Northern California, a group of ministers and church members are seeking solace by signing up for firearms classes.

George Lucas

Franchise creator George Lucas walked onto the red carpet for a premiere Monday night for the first time without full control of a "Star Wars" movie. We talk to the man whose saga became part of our culture nearly 40 years ago, and earned him one of this year's Kennedy Center Honors.

Going it alone

Every weekday morning millions of American kids wake up and go to school, usually under the watchful eye of an adult. But in Japan, children are expected to make the journey alone. In the Tokyo metro area, where the population tops 38 million, that trip can take up to an hour.

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