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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 12, 2016

“False flag?”

John Bolton, who may be named deputy secretary of state, has suggested the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion about Russian hacking favoring then-nominee Donald Trump could be a deception, a “false flag.” He didn’t elaborate, but Bolton seemed to suggest that someone in the Obama administration or the intelligence agencies was deliberately trying to mislead the public.

Common cause

Donald Trump won the presidency as a Republican, but there are several policy issues where he and congressional Democrats could find significant common ground. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, the incoming Senate minority leader, opened the door in November to cooperating on certain legislative agendas, so where might these seemingly opposing forces work in unison?

Travel nightmare

A massive storm is blasting millions of Americans -- from the Great Lakes to the Northeast -- with snow and freezing rain. The snow piled up on roadways in Michigan overnight, making driving conditions treacherous. Storms have dropped new snow from Washington State all the way to Maine.

Refund delays

Taxpayers who like to file early to collect their refund promptly may be in for some disappointment in 2017. That’s because, in an effort to battle fraud, the IRS is delaying payments for filers who are more likely to claim certain tax credits.

Uber intrusion?

Popular apps on your phone could be putting your privacy at risk. Many of them ask to access your location, including ride-hailing app Uber. Now people are becoming concerned about a recent change in that company’s privacy policy.

Vet’s best friend

About one quarter of America’s 19 million military veterans live with a disability. Some vets who face physical or mental challenges rely on support from therapy dogs. The animals can be hard to train for the job, and there are precious few are available, but one group is working hard to change that.

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