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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 10, 2015

White House race

With his highest level of support yet in CBS News polls, Donald Trump has reclaimed the top spot in the Republican race nationally. And there is change in the number-two position, with Ben Carson dropping behind another Republican contender who has seen a significant rise in support over recent weeks.


Is Donald Trump the most most demagogic candidate in recent history? The answer is yes, but the real question is whether he's considered an outlier in American politics, or part of a trend. Further, where might this lead the Republican party -- and the country?

Arab reaction

Trump is almost as famous in the Middle East is he is in the U.S. But with his recent comments on Muslims and the suggestion that he would try to ban all members of the religion from entering the country, many abroad are leveling harsh criticism at the Republican presidential candidate. Others are just making fun of him.

Shooting probe

Authorities now say the two killers in the San Bernardino attack may have had help from a third suspect. FBI Director James Comey told Congress the couple had become radicalized several years ago, and that a long-time family friend who was already linked to the massacre could have played a role in their radicalization.

No-cell zone

The Department of Transportation estimates that accidents caused by distracted drivers last year, including those on cell phones, killed more than 3,000 people. Now three major mobile carriers are close to adopting new technology that would turn your car into a no-cell zone, and one tragedy in particular has inspired the innovation.

Carole King

If America's coming of age had a soundtrack, Carole King would have written the lyrics. From the civil rights movement through Vietnam, her words were the keys to our peace of mind. As a Kennedy Center Honoree, the singer-songwriter is being celebrated for her contributions to American culture.

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