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"Fluent in Nazi": Trump sparks varied responses in Middle East

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rejecting GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump's views on Muslims. Netanyahu said Israel respects all religions.

Many others in the Middle East are blasting Trump's latest comments, while others are just making fun of him.

Egypt's top Islamic institution said Trump's comments would fuel hate, reports CBS News correspondent Holly Williams. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani called them strange. Now one of Trump's Middle Eastern business partners has decided to stop selling his home ware products in protest.

But Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef, often referred to as the Jon Stewart of the Arab world, responded with humor, tweeting that he didn't know that Trump was "fluent in Nazi."

On the streets of Istanbul are some of the Muslims Trump wants to bar from entering America. It's a city famous for its tolerance, a place where many Muslims even celebrate Christmas.

Deniz Atac said she has been to the U.S. "many times."

"Do you think this will stop you from going to America?" Williams asked her.

"No, no," Atac replied.

Atac is an environmentalist who told CBS News that Trump should stay out of politics.

"I don't think it's serious. I think Trump should go and do construction," she said, as her girlfriends laughed.

Trump is almost as famous in the Middle East is he is in the U.S. In Istanbul they've licensed his name at an upscale office tower. He's also lent his brand to golf clubs and villas in Dubai, and another tower in Azerbaijan.

"It's all offensive. It's offensive towards human beings I think. That's the problem," Turkish marketing executive Serdar Akbayir said.

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