This Morning from CBS News: Aug. 7, 2014

Man leaves hardware store with screen doors to prepare his house as Hurricane Iselle headed for Hawaii on Aug. 5, 2014


Hawaii braces for storm

It is incredibly rare, but 2 tropical systems are expected to impact Hawaii in a very short a time, some 2-to-3 days apart. There's only one other case like this since 1949, with Tropical Depression Daniel and Tropical Storm Gilma in 1982. There are major concerns as Hurricanes Iselle & Julio make their way toward the islands, including the possibility of emergency reinforcements taking a week to arrive after the storms pass due to the state's remote location. Right now, Iselle is expected to be a hurricane when it hits, likely tonight. Forecasters aren't sure about Julio's future strength or path.

Pistorius closing arguments

The next two days will be the most pivotal in the months-long courtroom drama that has fixated South Africa. Prosecutors and lawyers for Oscar Pistorius are presenting closing arguments in the murder trial of the once-celebrated athlete. Thokozile Masipa, the red-robed judge, will determine the fate of the double-amputee former Olympic runner.

Russia undeterred

Russia banned most food imports from the West today in retaliation for sanctions over Ukraine -- a sweeping move that will cost Western farmers billions of dollars but could also lead to empty store shelves in Russian cities.

Stopping human smugglers

CBS News' Manuel Bojorquez spent time with Reserve Deputy Gustavo Cobos as he tried to stop smugglers sneaking immigrants into Brooks County, Texas. Cobos and more than a dozen others volunteer on their own time to try to intercept smugglers before they drop off their human cargo - many of whom don't survive the journey.

Immigration lawyer shortage

Advocates for unaccompanied immigrant children are scrambling to meet the needs of minors who need pro-bono legal representation, especially as the administration picks up the pace of hearings and deportations.

CBS News Poll -- Border crossings

A new CBS News poll reveals more Americans say the unaccompanied children crossing the border should be sent home as soon as possible. But Hispanics have a different opinion on immigration-related issues.

Security breach

The FBI is said to be investigating a cyber-attack on USIS, the United States Investigative Services. That's the outside contractor that does background checks on federal employees, meaning that the personal and financial information of thousands of government workers could now be at risk.

Work - Life balance for Dad

Top-ranking businesswomen are often unfairly peppered with questions about how they balance work and motherhood. Male executives are rarely asked the same. So it took some self-assessment for Max Schireson, the chief executive of a software company, to conclude his life was off-kilter. On Tuesday, he resigned from his job at MongoDB to spend more time with his kids.

Suicide attempts

"Suicide continues to take lives without regard to age, income, education, social standing, race, or gender," one expert says. But for one age group, the number of drug-related suicide attempts has more than doubled in the past few years.

7 tips for stronger passwords

After the latest hacking attack, it's time to upgrade your passwords but, as one expert explains, "Creating a password, no matter how tricky and complex you think it is, is not something you can rely on to stop a very devoted hacker ." So here's what else you can do.

Enhancing, embellishing and lying

Trust is very important in professional relationships, and by lying on your resume, you breach that trust from the very outset, says Rosemary Haefner, CareerBuilder's vice president of human resources.

Off California, cargo ships get paid to go slow

A new program involving huge freighters in the waters off Southern California is offering companies cash incentives to slow down their vessels -- for good reasons.

The Last Whaling Ship

When the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan set sail for the first time, John Tyler was still in the White House. Yesterday, 34 presidents later, America's last whaling ship returned from its final voyage, and prepared for a new mission.

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