This Morning from CBS News: Aug. 21, 2014

Dr. Kent Brantly looks at supplies at the case management center on the campus of ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia in undated handout photograph courtesy of Samaritan's Purse


Ebola recovery

At least one of two American Ebola patients treated in the U.S., Dr. Kent Brantly, is being released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. He is expected to make a statement later today. Dr. Brantly contracted the virus while treating Ebola victims in Africa, and was brought to the U.S. to enhance chances he would recover.

Brutal business

In the territory taken over by the Islamic terror group, ISIS rules with brutality and fear, publicly executing those who offend its strict version of Islamic law. CBS News correspondent Holly Williams reports the extremists are also busy making the money in the regions they control.

Ferguson poll

Forty-one percent of Americans are satisfied with President Obama's handling of the situation in Ferguson, according a new CBS News - NY Times poll. Race and partisanship play roles in reactions.

Game head

Amid the chaos of the last two weeks in Ferguson, the cancelling of school hasn't kept one football team down. The players admit they have friends who've taken part in the protests, but they say they're focused on an upcoming game.

Ferguson's heart

Residents of Ferguson think their town has gotten a bad rap. CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann says that, while the neighborhoods remain segregated, the people of the town for the most part get along.


"This is a watershed and celebratory moment for the nonprofit sector," Ritu Sharma, the co-founder of Social Media for Nonprofits, told CBS News. "What it does is showcase the power of social media of being an equalizer of sorts," enabling even small nonprofits and social causes to gain widespread attention.

Hidden fees

If you think the monthly service charge and minimum balance requirements tell you everything you need to know about the cost of your checking account, you'd better think twice.

Shopping lessons

The flurry of back to school shopping under way in many households can give parents a chance to teach their teenage children valuable skills about spending and saving money.

Shooting skeet

Not only are more women learning to shoot, CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford reports they're also competing.

Got game

Mo'ne Davis made history by being the first Little Leaguer of either sex to appear on the cover of Sport Illustrated. Elaine Quijano reports she says, "Throwing 70 miles per hour -- that's throwing like a girl."

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