The Quick Guide to Internet Censorship | BTalk Australia


(Episode 399; 8 minutes 27) In Australia the Labor government is pushing ahead with plans to introduce a mandatory filter on the Internet. Overseas sites which break the rules will be blocked. Civil rights protestors argue that this is not the approach you'd expect from a western democracy. The government says its intended to block access to child pornography, bestiality and the like.

Few would argue that it will stop this filth being trafficked across the Internet, so doesn't that make the filter a waste of time and money?

Here's a quick guide to some of the arguments that have emerged over the issue. You'll hear from:

  • Senator Stephen Conroy - Minister for Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy

  • Ravi Bhatir - CEO of Primus Telecom

  • Hetty Johnson - Executive Director of Bravehearts

  • Senator Scott Ludlam - Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia
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