Sunday: Trump, Cruz, Clinton, Priebus, and new Battleground Tracker polls

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses a Trump campaign rally in New Orleans, Louisiana March 4, 2016.


As the Democratic Party begins to unify, the Republican Party has descended into an unprecedented civil war. This Sunday on "Face the Nation," we'll bring you the latest on the 2016 campaign.

We'll interview GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, whose rise to the top of the Republican primary field has bitterly divided the party. What does he think of the recent criticism he's taken from Republican leaders like Mitt Romney and John McCain? And how will he ever unify the party if he's the nominee?

We'll speak with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who's in second place in the delegate count in the GOP primary and has urged his party to unify behind him to stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination. Can he persuade an establishment that views him with hostility that he's the lesser of two evils? And what is he doing about his other rivals, Marco Rubio and John Kasich?

We'll talk to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton about her own party's primary. Is she confident that she's on her way to the nomination? And what is she doing to prepare for the prospect of facing Trump in November's general election?

We'll also sit down with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to discuss the increasingly-chaotic GOP primary. Is he worried all the internal strife will doom the party in the general election? Does he share the concerns expressed by some elder Republicans about a Trump candidacy?

With more primaries and caucuses on the horizon, we'll dissect a new set of CBS News Battleground Tracker poll numbers with CBS News Elections Director Anthony Salvanto, who will tell us where the race in Michigan stands in both parties ahead of Tuesday's primary. Plus we'll have results from Saturday's contests in Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine and Nebraska.

And to help us make sense of the topsy-turvy week that was, we'll turn to an expert political panel, including the Atlantic's Molly Ball, Vox Media's Ezra Klein, Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, and Washington Post reporter Ed O'Keefe.

It's going to be an exciting broadcast, so make sure you tune in! Check your local listings for airtimes.