Priebus: “It’s possible” Carrier will be taxed for sending jobs to Mexico

The incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus did not rule out Carrier being obligated to pay the 35% import tax President- elect Donald Trump has promised to levy on American companies that outsource their jobs to foreign countries. In a portion of an interview taped for “Face the Nation” on Sunday, moderator John Dickerson asked Priebus if Trump would wager the tariff on Carrier as there are still plans for the company based out of Indiana to outsource some jobs to Mexico in order to cut back on labor costs.

“It’s possible” Priebus said. “But it’s not specific to Carrier. It’s a position across the board.”

Priebus explained the administration’s policy of balancing out the “discrepancies” between exports being taxed while imports remain un-taxed. Priebus stated that the Trump administration and the Republican Party would also address the issues of “repatriation of money that sits overseas” as well as lowering the business tax to 15%.

“We want to be the party for the American people, for the American worker” He explained and added, “We want to make it so there is no reason, no incentives for companies to move overseas.”

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