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President Obama on Trump's lewd remarks: "He is insecure"

Obama on Trump

At a Chicago fundraiser on Sunday, President Obama became the latest to join a trove of Republicans and Democrats who have lambasted Donald Trump for his sexually aggressive and demeaning comments towards women showed in a recently resurfaced 2005 video. The commander-in-chief embodied a “gloves-off” approach, describing the the election as “disturbing” and the rhetoric as “unbelievable.”

“I don’t need to repeat [Trump’s words].There are children in the room,” he said to a laughing crowd.

Jokes aside, President Obama took time to list the groups of people who have fell victim to Trump’s brash commentary -- women, minorities, veterans, just to name a few.

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“That tells you a couple of things,” he added. “It tells you he is insecure enough because he pumps up himself by putting other people down. Not the character trait I would advise for somebody in the Oval Office.”

And in the midst of his seemingly unrestrained comments towards the GOP candidate, President Obama offered some outspoken praise of Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a disabled veteran seeking to snag the highly-contested Senate seat from incumbent Sen. Mark Kirk.

“[Donald Trump] doesn’t care much about the basic values we try to impart to our kids,” he said. “It tells you he’s never met anybody as smart as Tammy Duckworth.”

President Obama’s comments on Sunday mark the end to a nearly 48-hour period of silence following the release of the video of Donald Trump and Billy Bush, which caused political commotion days before the second presidential debate, and weeks before the election on November 8th. Among those who have strongly condemned the GOP candidate’s remarks include former presidents, celebrities, and politicians up for reelection.

Since the fallout on Friday, Donald Trump defended himself the way he knows best -- on Twitter. Soon after releasing a so-called apology video on Facebook Saturday night, the reality-star-turned-politician called those who were withdrawing support as “self-righteous hypocrites.”

In his speech, President Obama also admitted that he participated in early voting at a Democratic-sanctioned event on Friday, but wouldn’t say for who.

“You’ll probably guess,” he said.

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