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Luke Perry wasn't included in Oscars' "In Memoriam," and fans are outraged

Historic moments at Oscars 2020
Historic moments at Oscars 2020 04:24

Luke Perry was not included in the "In Memoriam" tribute at the 92nd Academy Awards Sunday night, causing some disappointment across social media.

Perry, best known for his role in "Beverly Hills, 90210," died in March 2019 after suffering a stroke. He was 52 years old. The last movie he appeared in was Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood," a film that received multiple Academy Award nominations and took home two Oscars, including best supporting actor for Brad Pitt.

But as Billie Eilish performed a mournful rendition of the Beatles' song "Yesterday" during the "In Memoriam" segment of the ceremony, fans realized the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had left Perry out. The segment included tributes to Kobe Bryant and Kirk Douglas, who both passed recently — but Perry was snubbed.

Perry was not the only well-known actor who didn't make the cut in this year's "In Memoriam." Cameron Boyce, who died in his sleep at the age of 20 due to a seizure, was also left out, as was Tim Conway, the Emmy-winning actor best known for his role in "The Carol Burnett Show," who also appeared in many big-screen comedies.

While the actors were not included in the Oscars ceremony, they do appear in the online "In Memoriam" gallery of photos on the Academy's website.

"Luke Perry wasn't in the In Memorial?? He was literally in one of the most nominated films of the night!! Disrespectful!!" one Twitter user protested.

Many more expressed their outrage, causing his name to trend within minutes. 

The Academy has not commented on Perry and others not being mentioned in the segment. 

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