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North Carolina poll shows Trump with small lead over Clinton

Tightening race?

Donald Trump narrowly leads Hillary Clinton among North Carolina likely voters in a new Suffolk University poll. On a ballot including Libertarian Gary Johnson, Donald Trump attracts 44 percent support, compared to 41 percent for Clinton, with Gary Johnson registering 4 percent support.

Both Trump and Clinton are scoring low on favorability among these voters -- just 37 percent see Clinton favorably. They view the GOP nominee a little more favorably -- 41 percent. Forty-five percent hold a favorable view of the president.

Trump beats Clinton on the question of honesty and trustworthiness, too, 41 -33 percent. And a low percentage of voters here are excited about the presidential race -- just 22 percent. A majority, however, said they were alarmed by the election -- 54 percent. In spite of Trump’s lead, a plurality believe Clinton will prevail -- 49 percent predict she’ll win, compared to the 33 percent who believe Trump will win. In 2012, 45 percent of the participants in this survey voted for Mitt Romney and 44 percent voted for Mr. Obama.

CBS News’ most recent North Carolina poll, released Sunday, shows Clinton leading Trump 46 - 42 percent, as doubts about her explanations of the email server continue to weigh on her.

Suffolk also surveyed the competitive Senate race -- so far, incumbent Republican Sen. Richard Burr has a four-point lead over Democratic challenger Deborah Ross, 41 - 37 percent.