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​Marco Rubio to unveil his foreign policy doctrine

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida on Wednesday will detail the foreign policy doctrine he would follow as president. The doctrine, which he will outline in remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations, is founded on three pillars: military strength, the defense of American commerce around the globe, and moral clarity.

"What principles should govern the exercise of our power?" Rubio will say, according to his prepared remarks. "The 21st century requires a president who will answer that question with clarity and consistency."

The Republican presidential candidate plans to say that in order to restore American strength around the globe, "my first priority will be to adequately fund our military. This would be a priority even in times of peace and stability, though the world today is neither."

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Rubio also plans to stress that he will protect American economic activity worldwide.

"Russia, China, Iran, or any other nation that attempts to block global commerce will know to expect a response from my administration," he plans to say. The senator says he would use American power to oppose any violations of international waters, airspace, cyberspace, or outer space.

Lastly, Rubio will emphasize the importance of American values.

"As president, I will support the spread of economic and political freedom, reinforce our alliances, resist efforts by large powers to subjugate their smaller neighbors, maintain a robust commitment to transparent and effective foreign assistance programs, and advance the rights of the vulnerable, including women and the religious minorities that are so often persecuted," he will say.

Rubio, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Intelligence Committee, has distinguished himself as one of the more hawkish presidential candidates in the running.

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