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Donald Trump not such a big hit in China

GOP presidential frontrunner mentions China nearly every chance he gets. But what do people in China think of him?
What do people in China think of Donald Trump? 02:12

BEIJING --Quotations from Candidate Trump.

"I like China."

"I understand the Chinese mind."

"I beat China all the time."

Donald Trump does like talking about China. But what are the Chinese saying about him?

"I've been telling everybody for a long time China is taking our jobs, they're taking our money."

Donald Trump takes aim at China ... a lot.

Nearly 7,000 miles away, we took Trump's picture into the "Hutongs," narrow alleyways in the heart of Beijing.

A lady in the store looking at the picture said in Chinese: "I don't know."

Simon Xu, an English speaking finance student asked: "Is it Jeb Bush?"

It's not Jeb Bush. How about another guess.

"Eh ... Joe Biden?"

Student Simon Xu guessed he was looking at a picture of Jeb Bush or Joe Biden. CBS News

When we explained some of Trump's criticism to Xu, he thought it might actually be a backhanded compliment.

"Before we were not that good and people just ignored us," said Xu. "Now we are rising up and I kind of feel that people are actually scared of us and see us as competitors."

We tried for an official reaction at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bobby Jindal: Trump "looks like he's got a squirrel sitting on his head" 00:14

"We understand that in the United States people enjoy the right to make all kinds of remarks. But what's important to us [are] the policies adopted by the U.S. government," said a spokesperson.

China's government-backed Global Times wasn't so diplomatic.

"The Chinese people find it bizarre that serious presidential elections have become a slideshow for candidates of questionable quality."

"His hair is always this golden color, golden sheen," said stand-up comedian, Evan Zhou. He sees plenty of opportunities with Trump, even in a country where comedians don't stray far from government approved speech.

Comedian Evan Zhou sees an opportunity to bash Trump along with the government. CBS News

"This is...maybe the first time we can keep in line with the government," making fun of Donald Trump he chuckled.

Most here told us they weren't offended by Trump and saw it for what it is: a campaign for votes.

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