Bob Schieffer on GOP race: "I didn't think it could get lower"

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Thursday night's explosive Republican debate was filled with name-calling and attempts at mockery that many in the party said reached lows beneath the dignity of the office the candidates are seeking.

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CBS News' Bob Schieffer said he didn't think this campaign could get much lower -- then it did. "I mean, no discussion of the issues. People arguing, screaming, hollering," Schieffer said.

By Friday afternoon, the conversation had quickly changed once again to Donald Trump -- he was endorsed by New Jersey Governor and former candidate Chris Christie.

But Trump's campaign promises may be harmful to the party's goals, says Schieffer. After the 2012 election, the Republican party aimed to reach out to a broader electorate, including Hispanics and African Americans.

Friday surprise! Christie endorses Trump 28:59

"Donald Trump gets big applause when he talks about building that wall along the border with Mexico, but what some Republicans are beginning to wonder is -- is he really building a wall around the Republican party?"

To hear what else Bob Schieffer has to say about the state of the GOP, watch the video above.