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Chris Christie


Chris Christie on making the case against Trump

After years in the political wilderness, 60-year-old Chris Christie is seeking a comeback, with his sights set on the White House. In advance of the first Republican primary debate in Milwaukee later this month, CBS News election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa talks with the former New Jersey governor about throwing punches directly at his friend-turned-foe, Donald Trump, and about why Christie believes he is the only one who is willing to take on the former president with force.


Face The Nation: Christie, Murphy, Bowers

Missed the second half of the show? The latest on...Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tells "Face the Nation" that Republicans are "afraid of Donald Trump" in refusing to say former President Donald Trump's actions surrounding the 2020 election were criminal, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy's administration is suing three school districts that require teachers to tell parents if their child is showing signs of changing their gender identity, and Dr. Marci Bowers tells "Face the Nation" that the majority of Americans are "very comfortable" with their binary identity. But the rest, who identify as transgender diverse, are a "vulnerable population that deserves healthcare."


Is criticizing Trump a GOP winning strategy?

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is continuing his criticisms of Donald Trump. Unlike the majority of the 2024 GOP field, Christie says the former president has only one person to blame for his legal woes. CBS News political contributor Ashley Etienne and Republican strategist Doug Heye join "America Decides" to discuss if Christie is pursuing a winning strategy and the differences between Trump's indictment and Hunter Biden's plea agreement.

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