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Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell

(Episode 477; 17 minutes 02) It might be my imagination but crises seem to be hitting more often these days, whether its the financial crisis, natural disasters, product recalls or adulterous golfers. Iceland has dealt a crises by dumping volcanic ash on Northern Europe, having already hit us with financial collapse and a host of Bjork CDs.

So is your business crisis-ready? Do you have a plan on what to do the moment it occurs? As Ross Campbell says in today's BTalk podcast what you do in the first few hours is crucial. It's essential you have a team of professionals within your organisation who can take charge the moment the crisis occurs. His organisation, Ross Campbell and Associates, helps businesses to plan for the worst.

The last week in NSW has provided a great case study of exactly what not to do. The F3 freeway north of Sydney was blocked for most of the day. There was a crisis plan in place to move traffic to the other carriageway through a contraflow, but the plan wasn't enacted until five hours after the event. It was a public relations disaster that had the public calling for the scalp of the Transport Minister. How could they have got it so wrong?

We discuss this example and how other recent crises have been managed. Add your own personal thoughts and experiences in the comments section at the end of this post.